Barrie's Garden Centre is a store for your home, garden and landscape. Stocked with unique trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, roses and everything in between.

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If Our Plants Could Talk...

They would tell you how happy and loved they felt due to the care and passion of our staff. At Barrie’s Garden Centre, we are gardeners, first and foremost. We baby our plants to bring you the most robust and visually-pleasing displays that will stand out in your garden. Our team of gardening professional’s draws on their years of experience to make sure that our plants are of the highest quality and well taken care of so that your garden is nothing short of incredibly stunning. If we weren’t working right now, we’d be at home working on our own gardens!

Latest News & Tips

Using Organic Alternatives For Pest Control Like Dormant Oil

March 29, 2017

With all of now using organic and non-chemical techniques for pest control – this becomes a critical time of year if you have not yet applied dormant oil. Dormant oil […]

Hydrangeas Is Canada’s Favorite Flowering Shrub

March 29, 2017

OK – we promise soon to talk about some great plants that are not Hydrangeas – but we just wanted to get a little more out on what is pretty […]

Lawns Make Oxygen & Keeps Us Cool

March 15, 2017

The snow is (mostly) gone and you can actually see your lawn!! Ok, the lawn is sort of yellow/brown/green this early in the year – but it will be a […]

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