Drought tolerant plants

We often think of “drought” as referring to regional issues with rain, but have you heard of self-inflicted drought? This refers to planting sites presenting water challenges: such as parking lot strips, municipal baskets or quick-draining areas. Fortunately we have some great options for gorgeous flowers that can survive and better yet, thrive in these conditions! Portulaca. These annual flowers tolerate many kinds of soil but prefer well-drained soil and love the full sunlight. These plants are excellent for high heat and drought tolerance, and will seed and spread themselves very well. It is commonly called moss rose and features ruffled rose-like flowers that form a moss-like foliage mat. This annual plant is a low growing succulent that spreads to 12” wide or more. Lantana. One of our favourite annual pollinators.  Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds can’t get enough of this plant! They have coarse, pungently scented, deep green leaves that act as a wonderful backdrop to its contrasting flowers. In many cases, the blooms of Lantana create a tie-dye effect on the flower heads. Flowers generally start as a light color and darken as they age. Once the blooms have aged, they simply fall off—saving you the time of deadheading. Perovski. Commonly called Russian Sage.  This shimmering perennial has a wonderful long season of bloom in the summer garden. Spikes of rich violet-blue flowers appear in high summer, continuing into late fall. An extremely versatile garden plant, Russian Sage loves hot, sunny sites and will fit right into the perennial border, also good to use among shrubs, and even in containers or tubs.   Vinca. This is a wonderful drought-tolerant, low maintenance annual offers bright, clear colours on gorgeous green leaves.  Annual vinca doesn’t require deadheading, or the removal of faded flowers, to continue blooming, making it a wonderfully low-maintenance annual flower for sun.