Garden Planning

One of the great things to do in early spring when it is still too cold to spend much time in the garden, is to do some planning.  As with so many things in our lives – the planning that goes into a garden ahead of time will bear fruitful results down the road.

Some Things to Consider

  1. Mature plant sizes – Just like that cute little Mastiff puppy grows into a bit of huge dog – so do many evergreens, shrubs and perennials get some size on them when they are full grown.  Make sure you are picking the right plants to fit into the spaces you are planning. We often see gardens either overgrown with plants to large for the spot – or gardens that will never grow in as the plants are either too compact or planted too far apart.
  2. Plants that need similar cultural conditions – Plants all need sunlight and water – but not all plants need the same amounts of light and moisture. If you are planning to use shade plants in a shady spot – great – but take some care to make sure that all the plants in your plan will grow well in the environment you have.  Mixing plants that like wet feet with plants that like it dry – or the sun plants with shade plants is a definite no-no.
  3. Colours and textures  – While there is wide range of personal taste involved with landscape planning – and it is important that you make a plan that you like and fits your style sense – you do need to think about how the colours will work together and how they will look from a distance. A common mistake we see is planting colors that are too dark to pop out of the shade or planting too many colours of similar tones that wash away when looked at.  Have fun with colours – but think about how they will work together.