Lawns Make Oxygen & Keep Us Cool

Lawns Make Oxygen & Keeps Us Cool

The snow is (mostly) gone and you can actually see your lawn!! Ok, the lawn is sort of yellow/brown/green this early in the year – but it will be a much happier colour soon! Many Canadian families love their lawns, but some homeowners don’t know how to grow and maintain a healthy one. Others aren’t sure why they are even all that important. We think lawns are seriously cool spaces to have, and are a vital part of the environment around your house.

In the past, neatly maintained, weed-free, deep-green coloured grass was a sign that the homeowner took pride in how nice their property appeared from the street. They were rewarded with admiration about their lawn care skills from friends and neighbours, and were often asked for their advice. This is still true today, but we now know lawns do much more for us than simply make our yards look nice.

Lawns are seriously cool. Did you know that an average sized front lawn has the same cooling effect as three, typical home central air conditioning units on a hot summer day? Try it yourself. Stand in your bare feet on a lawn, move to a hard surface like pavement, cement or paving stones. Feel the difference? Rather than radiating the sun’s heat back into the air and raising temperatures like hard surfaces do, lawns help absorb energy into the ground. If you live in a built up urban area, you know how much hotter summers are there compared to rural areas, and how much you spend on air conditioning for your house. Lawns and shade producing plants are important natural air conditioners and part of a smart strategy to reduce home energy costs.

Lawns are good for air and water quality too. 15m2 of healthy turf grass releases enough oxygen every day for a family of four. It helps capture dust and airborne particles responsible for poor air quality, and return them to the soil. It also sequesters – in other words removes – carbon from the air and returns it to the ground through clippings when you mow the grass, and when turf plants shed organic matter naturally. Healthy, dense grass filters rainfall and helps prevent water runoff into storm sewers.

Yes, we still value beautiful yards. A nice lawn enhances property value. Ask a real estate agent about the value of curb appeal when selling your home. Our favourite reason for helping our customers grow and maintain a nice lawn is it provides a safe, soft space underfoot for play and all kinds of creative outdoor activities. Children and pets too need to run and jump and what better place than right at home.

This year, let’s make having a good lawn easier than ever before, and seriously cool again. Follow our timely lawn blog posts and we’ll help even beginners understand what weed, feed and seed means. Visit us in person or online and we’ll help you select the right product, and learn how to use it the right way and at the right time so you can grow a healthy and green lawn you and your family will enjoy, and friends and neighbors will admire.